Beyond Mobility

People are aspire to live in a world where mobility of people and goods is accessible, seamless and energy clean

Beyond Mobility leads the development and implementation of world-leading related automotive technology that will impact the lives of billions of people. Within decades Mobility is the idea of moving people, access through automobile technology, with strong attention to safety and social status.

As the world evolve, the mobility world is facing a massive changes moving away from its longstanding point of view. The proliferation of IOT (Internet of Things), mobile devices, and marginal cost and benefits has created a major shift in mobility preferences. These phenomena will have a huge impact on our lives in the years to come, redefining enormous markets such as energy, finance, insurance, retail, media, telecommunication, logistics and of course the automotive industry.

“Beyond Mobility” defines the evolution of automobile as it enters a new phase.

Automobile manufacturers are challenged to build technologies that could go along with the evolution of human mobility.

How will the automotive industry cope?

And so emerge the challenge of future mobility system.

Innovative technologies has changed how companies develop and build vehicles. Electric and fuel-cell powertrains, lightweight materials, Vehicles outfitted with electronic control modules and sensors that enable vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) and vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) communications, that can proactively suggest re-routings to avoid road hazards, and even avoid accidents. Further breakthroughs are advancing the introduction of autonomous vehicles.

In the future to accept the challenge, vehicle manufacturers are predicted to design and develop vehicles not to accommodate drivers but rather emphasize passenger experience, potentially giving rise to new vehicle structures and forms.

For Indonesia, this challenge translate as speeding the automotive industry growth to keep up if not exceed the global automotive industry developments. Indonesian government has targeted that by 2020, a minimum of 10% automobile in Indonesia are fuel efficient and has low emission, runs by hybrid or electric motors.

For Indonesia, Its about prioritizing the needs and aspirations of people and the creation of a stronger focus on accessibility of seamless and energy clean automobile, that creates better communities, environments, and economies.

Thats why GAIKINDO Indonesia International Auto Show (GIIAS) believe that educating people is just as important as the development itself. GIIAS encourage Indonesian Automotive Industry to bring out the best of their technology and product at GIIAS, to collaborate in educating and preparing the people of the new innovation thats coming our way soon.

GIIAS will be a part in expediting movement to welcome the future, and commemorate beyond mobility.

SHORT Elaboration

“Beyond Mobility” defines the evolution of automobile as it enters a new phase.

Beyond Mobility illustrates how a vehicle will be more than just an object that moves people, and how automobile will rise above mobility and become an experience and an idea that accelerates life