GIIAS 2017 - Shuttle

Shuttle Bus

Free shuttle bus services are provided for visitors from certain shopping centers and stations nearby the venue. The shuttle bus passengers will be dropped off at the Loading Gate 1 Entrance in ICE and shall depart from the Shuttle Bus Transportation Area (Outdoor Hall 10).

  • Estimated waiting time is 15 minutes
  • Schedules may change without prior notice
GIIAS 2017 - Food and Beverage

Food and Beverage Area

In order to maintain the cleanliness of the exhibition area, we require all exhibitors not to consume food and beverage inside the booth. The food hall will be located at the Loading area Hall 2, Hall 7 and at the Mezzanine Floor Convention Hall. Furthermore, food trucks are available outdoor, in front of Hall 1, Hall 2, Hall 5 and Hall 6.

GIIAS 2017 - Smoking Area

Smoking Area

It is prohibited to smoke inside the venue. Hence, smoking is only allowed outside the exhibition halls and smoking lounges will be spread in several areas.


Musholla / Praying Room (including Friday Prayers)

The Organizer provides several musholas at ICE for visitors who intend to do the praying. Mushollas are located at Mezzanine Floor Convention Hall, Hall 2, Hall 6 and Hall 8.

GIIAS 2017 - Ambulance

Ambulance and Medical Room

The Organizer provides basic medical assistance and paramedics in case of any medical needs and accident in the exhibition area. The medical room will be located at the Basement of the Convention Hall.

Business Center

A room functioned as a business center equipped with online computers, typewriter, telephone, facsimile, and other facility is located inside the venue. The usage of such facilities is subject to the service rates charged by ICE.

GIIAS 2017 - Press Room

Press Room

Located at the Convention Hall 1st floor. The Press room can only be entered by the registered press of GIIAS 2018

GIIAS 2017 - Auto Playground

Auto Playground

An auto playground that is equipped with toys and games will be provided for children. The auto playground will be located at Convention Hall mezzanine floor

GIIAS 2017 - Nursery Room

Nursery Room

The Organizer provides a nursing room for lactating & diaper changing. It is mandatory that every child in this room must be accompanied by an adult. The Nursery Room will be located at the Convention Hall mezzanine floor

GIIAS 2017 - Taxi Area

Pool TAXI Area

The Organizer provides taxi stand services for visitors & exhibitors, located at the drop off Hall 10.

GIIAS 2017 - Internet Connection

Internet Connection

Free internet connection are only available during the exhibition opening hours. Free Internet remaining consisted in the press / media room. The facilities can only be accessed by press with GIIAS ID Card

Meeting Room

  • Availability of rooms may depend on the available schedule
  • The room capacity may vary depending on the intended seating arrangement
GIIAS 2017 - Charging Corner

Charging Corner

Charging corners are spread at several spots along the Prefunction Hall

GIIAS 2017 - Stroller

Stroller & Wheelchair

The Organizer provides free rental for stroller and wheelchair with certain terms and conditions

Located at the Pre function Hall 1, Convention Hall and Hall 10.